14 December 2009

Needy Baby Joe Lieberman Pisses On Kennedy's Grave

Wherever you are, Senator Kennedy, I hope you’re not watching this desecration of your life’s work. It is absolutely shameful.

Read every word of that.

If you've been paying attention today, you've heard that Joe Lieberman, who supported a Medicare buy-in, oh, three months ago, and supported it in 2000, AND BASICALLY HAS ALWAYS SUPPORTED IT, has decided that nyaaaaaaaah, he doesn't like it anymore, because he's a petulant little bitch, and he has to be the center of attention, and his anus still stings from that time Democrats tried to get rid of him.

Seriously, what a motherfucker.

Harry Reid, look:

He's never, ever going to like you. I'm so sorry. So here's what you have to do:

1. Kill the filibuster. Get rid of it. Forever.
2. Strip Joe of all his leadership positions. Get the good members of the caucus together, and have everybody agree that they won't sign on to any of Joe's legislation, no matter what it is.
3. Start talking shit about him in the media, like you should have done years ago.
4. Grow a pair, dude. This should have been number 1...All You Need For Christmas Is Your Two Front Balls, Harry. Grow them, cultivate them in a lab, borrow them from Elizabeth Warren, fucking SOMETHING.




  1. Joey, Joey, Joey...

    Hartford just settled out of court on a laundry list of antitrust charges...

    The Connecticut Attorney General is bringing United and HealthNet together to pry their proposed merger apart with a crowbar.

    Lieberman's state is the WORST when it comes to health insurance companies...and they own his ass. They always have and they always will. The insurance company whores have always done what they're doing now...it's just gotten so obvious now that they really ought to find another street corner. It's starting to scare the children.

    And the other whores in the Senate are covering for him. "Oh, he'll come around," from Biden on MSNBC this morning.

    Please. Spare me.

    As always, only here, on Break the Terror, do I find responses to this latest disgusting government pose that align with my own feelings on the matter.

    The will of the people, my ass.

    If one more redneck calls this country a democracy, I'll get all Achy-Breaky on his face.

    We're a corporate autocracy now...and it only took the Democratic party testing our shackles for us all to realize it.

    Yeah...that loud clanking noise. Those are chains, my friend. And the CEOs and the corporate conglomerates have got the key.

    If I couldn't come here, and to a few other places that shine light in the darkness, I wouldn't have anywhere to go.

    Sheep to the slaughter and all that...

    On top of the brave truth to be found here, I get to hear Dirty Projectors.

    Heaven is on Earth, it seems.

    I should shut up now.

    See ya' soon.