27 December 2009

My inaugural Genius Eleven

I'm shamelessly taking this from Amanda Marcotte, but a couple of other bloggers do it too, so whatever. She does ten, so I'm doing eleven, just to be different.

So here's the deal, if you're not familiar. You pick a song, you hit "Genius" and post the songs your iTunes magically brings you, songs that supposedly fit with that flow in some way. (Srsly, I'm like the last person on Earth to get iTunes, I do hope I'm not covering new material.) Sometimes it makes sense, other times it doesn't. Last night it somehow put Bonnie Raitt and Van Hagar next to each other. That was unsettling.

I'm also doing this because, even though I don't yet own an iPod, I'm finally entering the digital age, and I'm about 20% done loading everything I own onto iTunes. So the mixes will get more varied/stranger/more interesting each time I do this.

Anyway, the song I'm choosing tonight is inspired by Rep. Pete Hoekstra, a known moron, who used the truly frightening Christmas Nutsac Non-Bomber to try to make a ridiculous political point against the President:

"It's not surprising," U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, a Holland Republican, said of the alleged terrorist attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight in Detroit. ... "People have got to start connecting the dots here and maybe this is the thing that will connect the dots for the Obama administration," Hoekstra said.

Uh...whatever. Dude singes his teabag on a plane and we're all supposed to shit our pants. Steve Benen and Thers have commented quite enough on what a buffoon Hoekstra is, so no need to expand on it, except to say, once again, that Pete Hoekstra is a grade-A douchebag.

So anyway, Pete Hoekstra is from Holland, Michigan, and Sufjan Stevens happens to have written a beautiful song about Holland, Michigan, called, appropriately, "Holland."

Genius Eleven and more videos below the Sufjan.

1. Sufjan Stevens - "Holland"
2. Andrew Bird - "Plasticities"(live)
3. Beirut - "The Penalty"
4. Death Cab For Cutie - "Styrofoam Plates" (live)
5. Wilco - "At Least That's What You Said"
6. Bright Eyes - "Bowl of Oranges"
7. Thom Yorke - "The Eraser"
8. Grizzly Bear - "Little Brother" (live)
9. Sufjan Stevens - "That Was The Worst Christmas Ever" (how appropriate...)
10. Andrew Bird - "Anonanimal"
11. Neko Case - "Hold On, Hold On"


Neko Case:

Andrew Bird:

Enjoy! If you feel inspired to do your own, leave it in the comments.


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  1. I am going to have to copy you (and Amanda) ha ha! :P