22 December 2009


This has to be the funniest moment in C-SPAN history. Senator John Barrasso (Wingnut-WY) was being interviewed when a call came in from a man purporting to be a teabagger. The man stated that he had taken Tom Coburn's (Wingnut-OK) instructions and convened a group to pray for Robert Byrd's death, I mean for a member of the Senate to miss the crucial cloture vote early Monday morning. He was then alarmed to find out that Jim Inhofe (Wingnut-OK) had missed the vote, and started crying as he asked Barrasso if perhaps they had prayed incorrectly/not hard enough and the imprecatory prayers accidentally struck one of their own.

I highly doubt that this is real, because it's just too perfect, but who gives a damn? It's totally fucking hilarious.

(h/t John Cole)


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