17 December 2009

Holy shit

You have to listen to this Alan Colmes interview with H.K. Edgerton, the ignorant moron on the Asheville, North Carolina city council who is trying to get Cecil Bothwell removed from the council because Bothwell doesn't believe in God. You see, North Carolina's Constitution prohibits atheists from serving in government, but the United States Constitution (which supersedes North Carolina's) says that, um, no, that's unconstitutional. Basically, Edgerton is an embarrassment to humanity, and yet he continues to talk, because ignorance usually can't recognize itself.

Everything starts out normal, with Edgerton showing that he's quite unaware of how government actually works, or even of what country he lives in, but then it starts to get interesting:

Colmes then asked Edgerton, who is African American, about his insistence on calling the Civil War the "war between the states" and a claim posted on his website asserting that during the Civil War "there were an estimated 50,000 blacks who served willingly as Confederate soldiers and almost four million other blacks who stayed on the farms, plantations and factories in the South of their own free will" ... at which point the debate went entirely off the rails.

Omigod, yeah, it did. Apparently Edgerton is a racist redneck trapped in a black man's body. Listen to this, seriously, you will die laughing. Click on over to RightWingWatch to hear Edgerton ramble on in his moronic glory.


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