27 November 2009

Yay for Christmas, no homo! (More fun with Sarah Palin's abjectly stupid fans)

So before Thanksgiving, Sarah went rogue into Michigan to see people like this couple:

Bob Weinert, 56, a fencing salesman from Lansing, said he’d heard Rush Limbaugh say recently that Palin is “the most conservative candidate out there.” She represents, he said, “limited government and traditional values,” including “putting homos back in the closet.”

“And putting Christmas in the stores,” added his wife, Rexanna, who said she felt she could trust the “down-to-earth” Palin.

Yay for Christmas, no homo!

It's sad that these people, with their names like "Rexanna," exist as such a striking reminder of the utter failure of our educational system.



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