18 November 2009

Senator David Vitter just doesn't know if Loving v. Virginia was decided correctly!

Wow. The wonderful Mike Stark confronted David Vitter with a simple question. The brief back-story: David "Diapers" Vitter of Louisiana was the only major Louisiana official who didn't condemn the judge in that state who refused to marry an interracial couple.

So Mike decided to confront Vitter with this question: Was Loving v. Virginia decided correctly? Seems pretty easy, right? Well, FIRST, Vitter had to ask what Loving v. Virginia is.

That's unbelievable. Vitter is a lawyer. Loving is not an obscure case. Jesus God playing hopscotch...

And he refuses to answer the question, because he's "busy with healthcare"!


Fuck, man. Watch it:



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