16 November 2009

Palin's book hits intended target

Red meat for the dead-enders, it seems, if this quote from Ed's review is any indication:

Going Rogue is not without merit. It certainly delivers what its intended audience wants. Readers who already like Palin will love it, much as America’s pedophiles will find the latest Jonas Brothers DVD to their liking

That is one of the most amazing sentences I've ever read. Wait, this sentence may top that:

Millions of copies will be sold of a book written by someone who can’t write, intended for an audience that doesn’t read, about the thoughts of a person who doesn’t think. God is dead.

Heh. There's more to love at the link.



  1. People at work must be wondering what's making me attempt not to laugh.

  2. If you're having trouble with that, you definitely won't want to read this comment, which gives the final reason why Obama bowed to the Japanese emperor.

  3. Which is here: