17 November 2009

Matthew In-Continetti, Sarah Palin's lapdog, has something to say!

Oh, he loves her so much. He wants her to be his Mrs. Robinson.

Matthew (In)Continetti, a fresh-faced young wingnut, has been writing many things about Sarah Palin lately, all of them absurd, but he's topped himself in this WaPo piece:

Like a lot of people, as soon as I got my copy of Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue,” I immediately thought of the German literary critic Hans Robert Jauss.

Yes. That's what your average garden variety wingnut was thinking, surely.

"Goldarnit, Betty, after we make these here Teabagger signs, yon' go to Cracker Barrel and read Sar' Palin's new book to each other, which incidentally reminds me of the German literary critic Hans Robert Jauss, well ah'llbedarned?"

Yep. That conversation has been happening at dinner tables across the South/Midwest today, and will only become more common.

Good Christ.

(h/t TBogg, who basically posted the same thing, which saved me the trouble of looking for Matthew's latest fetish piece. So do go read his, as well.)


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