23 November 2009

Hipped hopped white youth pastors know what's what, word to my JC, WHAT?!

Hey, Christian kids! Want to learn how to be cool and hipped hopped and, above all, NOT SEXUALLY AROUSED IN A NON-HOLY WAY?

Yes, well, then you need to watch some white people doing the hipped hopped rapping about "side-hugs," which will help you keep yourself from accidentally bumping loins with somebody who's not your wife/husband!

If, on the other hand, you don't get a sexual thrill out of each and every contact you ever have with a human, you are most likely normal and comfortable in your own skin, and perhaps you don't need to learn how to do the side-hug.

I cannot believe that a large segment of the population looks at this and thinks it's normal. Then again, I grew up in that world, and a lot of fucked up things are "normal" there.

More here.

h/t Amanda


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