21 November 2009

Hilarious, brave people venture into Sarah Palin's hinterlands

No, not THOSE Sarah Palin hinterlands!

Those are just for Todd!

Or was there a second shooter?

No, here are two guys who bravely decided to go visit the lame-tards who camped out all night in the rain waiting for Princess Eskimo Boobies' book to be released, and he asked them some amazing questions, all of which are "gotcha journalism," because for a Palin supporter, anything that requires thinking is "gotcha journalism."




  1. awesome post--love this! love your blog!

  2. ahahahahaha.
    "what does sarah palin mean to you"
    "she says the things i'm thinking!"
    not because, you know, she can FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT AMERICA HAS, but because she talks like her wingnut supporters. Queen Dumb usin' WERDS that epitomize the thoughts of Murka! AWESOME.