30 November 2009


Sometimes music is so beautiful, so breathtaking, that it hurts. You feel it coursing through you. When that sort of music is accompanied by a story so cruelly tragic as the drowning death of Jeff Buckley, twelve years ago, well then...

So, in the spirit of bringing Jeff's music to people who haven't heard it, and also for those of us who have listened to Jeff for years, here are the songs from the one full record he released while he was alive, Grace. Some are studio versions, but most are live. So sit back and listen. Do other things, or do nothing at all. As a bonus, I've included Jeff singing the spiritual "Satisfied Mind," a version of which was actually played at Jeff's funeral. If you have tears in your eyes at that point, all that means is that you have a soul. So, without further ado, Grace:

1. "Mojo Pin"

2. "Grace"

3. "Last Goodbye"

4. "Lilac Wine"

5. "So Real"

6. "Hallelujah"

7. "Lover, You Should've Come Over"

8. "Corpus Christi Carol"

9. "Eternal Life"

10. "Dream Brother"

And, as promised, here is "Satisfied Mind":

Life is so precious, and brief. Savor it.

Now, if you don't already own it, go buy the record.


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