22 November 2009

God, I hate "centrists"

Almost as obnoxious as the far-right loons who comprise the Republican party are the "centrists." Given a choice between adorable puppies and Satanic murder clowns from hell, these assholes can be relied on to seek compromise.

So let's honor two "centrist" dicks, Senators who love nothing more than having the DC village fawn all over them, and care little for the activities of commoners, like legislating.

Hi, my name is Joe Lieberman, and I'm scared to go on Rachel Maddow's show, due to the actual journalism that is committed there. Again, I'm Joe Lieberman, and I'm scurred of Rachel Maddow.

Hi, my name is Ben Nelson, and I'm scared to talk to bloggers, due to the fact that bloggers are increasingly, as Mike Stark points out, the actual Fourth Estate, and I much prefer the milquetoast shit that passes for "journalism" in the mainstream media. Again, I'm Ben Nelson, and I'm scurred of bloggers.

Both videos courtesy of Mike Stark, who does all this fine work.


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