30 November 2009


Sometimes music is so beautiful, so breathtaking, that it hurts. You feel it coursing through you. When that sort of music is accompanied by a story so cruelly tragic as the drowning death of Jeff Buckley, twelve years ago, well then...

So, in the spirit of bringing Jeff's music to people who haven't heard it, and also for those of us who have listened to Jeff for years, here are the songs from the one full record he released while he was alive, Grace. Some are studio versions, but most are live. So sit back and listen. Do other things, or do nothing at all. As a bonus, I've included Jeff singing the spiritual "Satisfied Mind," a version of which was actually played at Jeff's funeral. If you have tears in your eyes at that point, all that means is that you have a soul. So, without further ado, Grace:

1. "Mojo Pin"

2. "Grace"

3. "Last Goodbye"

4. "Lilac Wine"

5. "So Real"

6. "Hallelujah"

7. "Lover, You Should've Come Over"

8. "Corpus Christi Carol"

9. "Eternal Life"

10. "Dream Brother"

And, as promised, here is "Satisfied Mind":

Life is so precious, and brief. Savor it.

Now, if you don't already own it, go buy the record.


29 November 2009

Putting "gay" on trial/"Going To A Town"

As you may know, Ted Olson and David Boies, erstwhile legal rivals, filed a federal suit against Proposition 8 (Perry v. Schwarzenegger) soon after the voters of California decided to choose bigotry and bias over fairness and equality. This case is different; for one thing, it's federal, which means it very well may end up being decided by the Supreme Court. But as Gabriel Arana points out in this long piece from The American Prospect, this case has implications far beyond marriage equality and Proposition 8 -- indeed, it's putting the entire concept of "gay" on trial.

Perry v. Schwarzenegger indeed asks the "ultimate question" of whether gays have a federal right to marry, but because the case is alleging that Prop. 8 violated the equal-protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, the federal court decision will have implications for gay Americans in nearly every arena of public life, from housing to parenting to military service. The court is set to consider questions as wide-ranging as what it means to be gay and whether it affects one's contribution to society. It's not just marriage rights on trial; it's homosexuality itself.


The stakes are high. If Perry v. Schwarzenegger reaches the Supreme Court and Boies and Olson are successful, gays and lesbians nationwide would not only have the right to marry, they stand to gain many of the legal rights they have sought for decades. Don't Ask, Don't Tell would be invalidated, as would employment discrimination against gays and lesbians. In the eyes of the law, gay people would be equal to straight people, and any legislation that discriminated against them could be challenged and easily struck down against this precedent. However, defeat could legitimize such discrimination against LGBT Americans, making it far more difficult to sue for parental or housing rights. The door to any federal litigation on marriage equality would be shut for decades.

As they say, read the whole thing.

And while you're doing that, here's a great live performance from Rufus Wainwright that sort of addresses what's at stake here.

(Yes, Rufus again. I get on kicks, you see.)


Everything you need to know about the new Twilight movie-film

Here it is, in handy synopsis form!

Look, you just saved $10.


28 November 2009

27 November 2009

Yay for Christmas, no homo! (More fun with Sarah Palin's abjectly stupid fans)

So before Thanksgiving, Sarah went rogue into Michigan to see people like this couple:

Bob Weinert, 56, a fencing salesman from Lansing, said he’d heard Rush Limbaugh say recently that Palin is “the most conservative candidate out there.” She represents, he said, “limited government and traditional values,” including “putting homos back in the closet.”

“And putting Christmas in the stores,” added his wife, Rexanna, who said she felt she could trust the “down-to-earth” Palin.

Yay for Christmas, no homo!

It's sad that these people, with their names like "Rexanna," exist as such a striking reminder of the utter failure of our educational system.



26 November 2009

"The Consort"

I'm fucked up on Tryptophan, and I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright.

This song is so beautiful, good night.

Oh, go read this, now. It's an amazing story, with a Thanksgiving tie-in, about a gay guy raised in the Mormon church, that bastion of discrimination and hatred. Like so many of us, he not only was raised in a faith (it was Shi'a Presbyterian for me), but he loved it, and it was an integral part of him (or so he, and I, thought). The church, its bigotry, its homophobia, its rank pig ignorance, almost killed him, but he survived to find out what it means to live an authentically spiritual life. Here's the Thanksgiving part:

After the main Thanksgiving meal had been served that afternoon in the Cultural Hall, the dessert judging began and the judges (the Bishopric) started announcing the winners. Several prizes were given out in lots of categories. Most Colorful Jell-O Salad. Greatest Amounts of Chocolate and Cool Whip in a Single Dessert. Most Creative Use of Deep Fried Ice Cream. With each award, it slowly began to dawn on me that only women had submitted desserts for the competition. That is, with one significant exception. Me.

Then the judges got to the biggie – Best Overall Dessert. The Bishop stood up on the stage in the cultural hall to make the formal announcement that the award was going to...that’s right, the custard baked inside the pumpkin! This took me completely by surprise. I had no idea, had all but forgotten about my dessert, thought it had been totally bypassed in the judging. Then I realized I had actually won the grand prize and needed to go up to the stage to accept the award from the Bishop. As I stood up and people (especially the Bishopric) realized that a MAN had won the dessert competition – and not just any man, but the Ward Fag had won - chaos broke loose. Half the Ward was on the floor rolling with laughter. The women who had been in the competition glared at me like they were fit to execute me on the spot. The Bishop was blue then red with humiliation and disbelief, shaking his head in his hands as though the cruelty of the gods had become too much for him to bear. Later, a woman named Karen drug me into another room and literally yelled at me, “You’re gay! Oh my heavens, you’re GAY!” She sobbed that I was such a spiritual person, was so faithful and strong in my testimony, that she had assumed that over the past few months somehow I was turning straight.

Seriously, read the entire thing. And listen to the Rufus.


Happy Thanksgiving from Sarah Palin!

Here's your traditional Thanksgiving video of Sarah Palin just cold chit-chattin' while live turkeys get put in the grinder behind her.

That rhymed, doncha know!


Never forget.


25 November 2009


Jefferson Airplane.


The beginning of the left/right divide

I wouldn't be surprised if it happened exactly like this.

Keith Knight via Pharyngula


"Cactus Tree"

There really is never a time when I'm not in the mood to listen to this song (and others from that era) on repeat.

Joni is so special.


Kirk Cameron tells UCLA science students that "evolution sux OMG," gets destroyed in seven minutes

Poor Kirk Cameron. He started with the best intentions, which went like this:

1. Be "Mike Seaver" on 80's teevee show, with best friend named "Boner."
2. Turn into scary retarded fundamentalist Christian.
3. Team up with dippy Australian pastor Ray Comfort, who believes that genetically modified bananas prove the geeeenius of God's creation, by fitting so comfortably in the hand, and being so easy to open, for monkeys. Also, they don't squirt into your face when you play with them, unless you've provided written consent that you're into that sort of thing.
4. Find underpants.
5. ????
6. Become Christian acting hero by portraying OMG CHRISTIAN WET DREAM Buck Williams in icky porn movie, "Left Behind."
7. Hand out copies of Darwin's Origin of Species on college campuses, replete with a special introduction written by the Australian Banana Pastor (also, bananas have pull tabs, just like Mountain Dew, and we KNOW God made Mountain Dew!), while explaining the wonders of Creationism to mean atheist science students, who will suddenly see the errors of their "science" and follow the 80's child star with the DSL.*
8. Profit!

Yeah, and it woulda been fine if those atheist scientists hadn't decided to use "facts" and other mean stuff to make him look like an ass. But you know those science people, making people do awful, degrading things with their brains, like thinking. So there was an exchange with a nice girl, which from start to finish was a whole banana hammock of Fail (also made by God), and which included this exchange:

Student: Science is based on evidence, where religion is based on faith.
Kirk: But Darwinism is extremely based on faith
Student: Not really, it's based on a lot of evidence.

Oh, how pathetic. Somebody needs to explain to these Christianist morons that every time they do shit like this, the world laughs at them even harder. They are SO out of their league every time they talk to intelligent human beings.**

Here's the video. The sound quality is awful, but it's worth it. There is so much more Kirk Cameron fail to watch.


Okay, so here's the funniest part, to me. That was reported by TMZ, which has a wide audience, and of course, a comments section. So comment #12 presciently says this:

12. Get ready for alot of misspelled words using Caps Lock

For obvious reasons.*** And what do you know?




29. Keep up the good work Kirk. One day those who have not believed will be looking up from you know where and crying out to be saved and it won't happen. Yes, the big bang theory does exsist. God spoke and bang.....he created the heavens and earth.

When we're in heaven, you'll be sorry, lol. Jesus saves!

This one's a special kind of stupid:

45. he who has the son has life, he who does not have the son does,

does not have life!

don,t complicate the word of god, just love him.

don,t be haten!

That ma,de a lot of sence 2,


Anyway, I could cut and paste idiot comments for hours, and it's TMZ, so you know there are 40,000 comments, and I'm only on page four. So I'll just leave you with two more:

Sounds like the typical lame arguments on the web. Evolutionists will NEVER admit to believing it takes a great leap of faith, not to believe in Evolution, but to believe it happens the way they say it did. Why? Their beliefs are based on a guess. I used to be a snooty tooty evolutionist that "beat up on" creationists. During that time, I would NEVER admit that my belief was also faith based. But it was.

Proof that evolution can go backward. I once was snooty tooty, but now am snardy tardy. Amazing Grace &c.




Anyway, like I said, lots more where that came from if you want to go read and laugh. There are also lots of great comments from smart people.


* Oh, you do too know what DSL stands for!

**This is why so much Christian evangelism focuses on illiterate, hungry people in the Third World who will listen to them because they need hope, and also food, and maybe these white people brought some.

***Anyone who's ever paid attention to the internet knows that when commenters are Conservatives/Evangelicals/Both, there will be a hell of a lot of bad grammar, misspelled words, and LOTS OF CAPS LOCK. This is because there's a lot of stupid on that side of the fence.


24 November 2009

Dumb and Dumber


1. Go to Amazon and search "Dumb and Dumber," you know, the movie.
2. Do not buy it.
3. Never mind, here, I searched it for you. Click the clicky.
4. Scroll down to the suggestions...you know, the "if you like Dumb and Dumber, you might also like these" part.
5. Laugh and laugh at the first and third suggestion.

You're welcome.


"Nothing Compares 2 U"

No, not Prince.

No, not Sinead O'Connor.

This is the best version ever, by a singer named Holcombe Waller, who I've been listening to for quite a while now. SO fun. Think disco, think karaoke, think trashy.


Matt Taibbi wrote a letter to the teabaggers!

Oh yes, he did. It's actually a long piece responding to all the bitching and moaning from the teabagging set about how everybody is being so mean to Our Sarah of Perpetual Word Salad, and putting it in the greater context of a lesson on just how the inside-the-Beltway press actually works. Conservatives whine about the "lib'rul media," because they can't stand to hear anything but their own shitty beliefs repeated back to them all day, every day. Liberals tend to refer more to "The Village," the inbred culture of the insiders and the corporate media and Tweety and Let's Beatify Tim Russert, who really never was all that good to begin with.


The press corps that is bashing her skull in right now is the same one that hyped that WMD horseshit for like four solid years and pom-pommed America to war with Iraq over the screeching objections of the entire planet. It’s the same press corps that rolled out the red carpet for someone very nearly as abjectly stupid as Sarah Palin to win not one but two terms in the White House. If there was any kind of consensus support for Palin inside the beltway, the criticism of her, bet on it, would be almost totally confined to chortling east coast smartasses like me and Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan.
What the people who are flipping out about the treatment of Palin should be asking themselves is what it means when it’s not just jerks like us but everybody piling on against Palin. For those of you who can’t connect the dots, I’ll tell you what it means. It means she’s been cut loose. It means that all five of the families have given the okay to this hit job, including even the mainstream Republican leaders. You teabaggers are in the process of being marginalized by your own ostensible party leaders in exactly the same way the anti-war crowd was abandoned by the Democratic party elders in the earlier part of this decade. Like the antiwar left, you have been deemed a threat to your own party’s “winnability.”

And do you know what that means? That means that just as the antiwar crowd spent years being painted by the national press as weepy, unpatriotic pussies whose enthusiastic support is toxic to any serious presidential aspirant, so too will all of you afternoon-radio ignoramuses who seem bent on spending the next three years kicking and screaming your way up the eternal asshole of white resentment now find yourself and your political champions painted as knee-jerk loonies whose rabid irrationality is undeserving of the political center. And yes, that’s me saying that, but I’ve always been saying that, not just about Palin but about George Bush and all your other moron-heroes.

Heh. Seriously, do read the entire thing.

In this one instance, the press corps is correct, but for the wrong reasons. They should not let it go to their heads and start thinking they suck any fewer bags of dicks.


23 November 2009

Sarah Palin supports "entrepenooyal conducive environments" for our country!

More interviews with Sarah-tards, who are in public, and yet are somehow not embarrassed to open their mouths.

None of these people have the first clue what their Lady Savior even believes.


One girl mentions her opposition to Cap and Trade, at which point the interviewer asks her why. She replies, "I don't know too much about it...it's just the whole...spending..."

Seriously. This is the failure of the American educational system, puking out word salad in front of Borders.

(This explains why they like Sarah.)


(h/t Ed)


Teabaggers laugh at woman whose daughter died from lack of healthcare

Because teabaggers are bad people with no morals.


Or they're too stupid to understand what they're doing.

So here's the backstory:

A group called the Chicago Tea Party Patriots publicly heckled a grieving family and suggested that the couple fabricated their tragic story.

At a town hall held by Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) on Nov. 14, Dan and Midge Hough spoke about how they believed the death of their daughter-in-law and her unborn child were caused, in part, by a lack of health insurance. Twenty-four-year old Jennifer was uninsured. According to her in-laws, she was not receiving regular prenatal care and was not properly treated when she got sick. She ended up in an emergency room with double pneumonia that developed into septic shock, had a heart attack, a brain bleed and a stroke. The baby died and Jennifer died a few weeks later.

Midge Hough was heckled by anti-reform crowd members. "You can laugh at me, that's okay," she said, crying. "But I lost two people, and I know you think that's funny, that's okay."

Um, yeah. The designated Queen Teabagger tried to explain why she and her friends are such fucking un-American assholes, but it was lame, so fuck her. You can read it for yourself if you like rank pig ignorance of the kind that makes you want to gouge your eyes out with a spoon.

Here's the video:

These people...


Hipped hopped white youth pastors know what's what, word to my JC, WHAT?!

Hey, Christian kids! Want to learn how to be cool and hipped hopped and, above all, NOT SEXUALLY AROUSED IN A NON-HOLY WAY?

Yes, well, then you need to watch some white people doing the hipped hopped rapping about "side-hugs," which will help you keep yourself from accidentally bumping loins with somebody who's not your wife/husband!

If, on the other hand, you don't get a sexual thrill out of each and every contact you ever have with a human, you are most likely normal and comfortable in your own skin, and perhaps you don't need to learn how to do the side-hug.

I cannot believe that a large segment of the population looks at this and thinks it's normal. Then again, I grew up in that world, and a lot of fucked up things are "normal" there.

More here.

h/t Amanda


Chaz Bono on Good Morning America

This is a really interesting video. Chaz Bono, as you may know, is the former Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny and Cher. Chaz came out as a lesbian years back, but as with so many who are transgender, being a lesbian wasn't really the full story, but rather an answer that works at the time. He explains in this video the difference between sexuality and gender identity, and how they're really not related at all. We wish him the best in his journey.

As I've said before, I readily admit that there was a time, even as a gay man, that I didn't understand the concept of "transgender," and was a bit uncomfortable with the concept. But as I did my research and talked to a couple of transgender people, I realized quickly that my discomfort was simply my own ignorance, no better than the fundamentalist bigots who think they have a right to dictate how the government and society regards my life.

So this is really a video for everyone to watch.


22 November 2009

Summing up Sarah Palin, and then hopefully we're done with her for a while

Why do dinguses love her?

Like, OMG, she’s just like me and doesn’t understand that the expression is actually “For all intents and purposes” and not “For all intensive purposes!” OH, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR IN MY 2012 PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE.

And also this:

She is beloved because she willing to tell Americans that just because they are ignorant does not mean they are wrong.

And that's it.

Both of those links are a lot of fun, by the way.


"Pinball Wizard"

Let's listen to The Who, for some reason or another.

This is one of my non-gaynesses.


God, I hate "centrists"

Almost as obnoxious as the far-right loons who comprise the Republican party are the "centrists." Given a choice between adorable puppies and Satanic murder clowns from hell, these assholes can be relied on to seek compromise.

So let's honor two "centrist" dicks, Senators who love nothing more than having the DC village fawn all over them, and care little for the activities of commoners, like legislating.

Hi, my name is Joe Lieberman, and I'm scared to go on Rachel Maddow's show, due to the actual journalism that is committed there. Again, I'm Joe Lieberman, and I'm scurred of Rachel Maddow.

Hi, my name is Ben Nelson, and I'm scared to talk to bloggers, due to the fact that bloggers are increasingly, as Mike Stark points out, the actual Fourth Estate, and I much prefer the milquetoast shit that passes for "journalism" in the mainstream media. Again, I'm Ben Nelson, and I'm scurred of bloggers.

Both videos courtesy of Mike Stark, who does all this fine work.


"As Long As You're Mine"

I'm a sucker for a good musical theatre love duet.

This is one of my gaynesses.

"As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked.


21 November 2009

Senate votes to allow itself to talk about voting at some point in the future, at which point they'll vote to decide if they want to vote, in 2012

At which point they're going to be all "Haha, suckers, just try to primary us for sucking now, since you're all dead," because of the Mayans coming back from outer space.

Yes, the world's most/least respected deliberative body has decided that yes, they shall deliberate, on mandatory sex change death panels and free boob jobs for Trig, or something or other.


Go read Wonkette.


Hilarious, brave people venture into Sarah Palin's hinterlands

No, not THOSE Sarah Palin hinterlands!

Those are just for Todd!

Or was there a second shooter?

No, here are two guys who bravely decided to go visit the lame-tards who camped out all night in the rain waiting for Princess Eskimo Boobies' book to be released, and he asked them some amazing questions, all of which are "gotcha journalism," because for a Palin supporter, anything that requires thinking is "gotcha journalism."



"Comfortably Numb"

Two of my favorite people on the planet, Dar Williams and Ani DiFranco, doing one of my favorite songs, Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb."


20 November 2009

Sarah Palin explains it to Oprah

This 35-second clip is the longest string of truth-telling I've ever seen from Sarah Palin. Do watch it.



19 November 2009

Sarah Palin has an idea about Iran, or Iraq maybe!

How do we fix a problem like Mahmoud, Sarah?


Sanctions! Nobody has ever thought about those before, Sarah!

On Iraq! That would be gr...wait, what the fuck?

Why is perky Sean Hannity tricking our Sarah with his gotcha journalism?

This comes on the heels of the dumbest thing she ever said, you know, her thing about how illegal Israeli settlements are awesome because the population of Israel is going to be growin' soon, doncha know, due to Jesus has an appointment with kicking some Jew ass, very very soon!


52% of Republicans are currently wearing soiled underpants

That's the only natural conclusion to this poll result:

The new national poll from Public Policy Polling (D) has an astonishing number about paranoia among the GOP base: Republicans do not think President Obama actually won the 2008 election -- instead, ACORN stole it.


In order to believe that Obama wasn't the true winner of the 2008 election, one would have to think that ACORN (and perhaps other groups) stuffed ballots to the tune of over 9.5 million votes, Obama's national margin....

That's right. An organiztion these dipshits hadn't heard of three years ago stole almost TEN MILLION VOTES.

Good god.

This is the difference between normal human beings and wingnuts: Normal human beings oppose things, people, policies, and they tell you why, or at least their interpretation of why. Liberals haaaaaated George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. But we didn't shit our pants in fear every time we saw him on television. No, that's what wingnuts do. As Steve M. points out, wingnuts "ascribe superpowers to people they don't like." For them, no one is simply an opponent to be beaten. No, instead every opponent is a threat to their fragile way of life, an excuse to cry out in sheer terror, the boogeyman times Satan times Hitler times Mao, squared.

What sniveling pussies.

This brings to mind the study which showed that whiny, attention-starved, paranoid children grow up to be conservatives, while confident kids grow up to be liberals. It really does make sense.


18 November 2009

Senator David Vitter just doesn't know if Loving v. Virginia was decided correctly!

Wow. The wonderful Mike Stark confronted David Vitter with a simple question. The brief back-story: David "Diapers" Vitter of Louisiana was the only major Louisiana official who didn't condemn the judge in that state who refused to marry an interracial couple.

So Mike decided to confront Vitter with this question: Was Loving v. Virginia decided correctly? Seems pretty easy, right? Well, FIRST, Vitter had to ask what Loving v. Virginia is.

That's unbelievable. Vitter is a lawyer. Loving is not an obscure case. Jesus God playing hopscotch...

And he refuses to answer the question, because he's "busy with healthcare"!


Fuck, man. Watch it:



17 November 2009

Matthew In-Continetti, Sarah Palin's lapdog, has something to say!

Oh, he loves her so much. He wants her to be his Mrs. Robinson.

Matthew (In)Continetti, a fresh-faced young wingnut, has been writing many things about Sarah Palin lately, all of them absurd, but he's topped himself in this WaPo piece:

Like a lot of people, as soon as I got my copy of Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue,” I immediately thought of the German literary critic Hans Robert Jauss.

Yes. That's what your average garden variety wingnut was thinking, surely.

"Goldarnit, Betty, after we make these here Teabagger signs, yon' go to Cracker Barrel and read Sar' Palin's new book to each other, which incidentally reminds me of the German literary critic Hans Robert Jauss, well ah'llbedarned?"

Yep. That conversation has been happening at dinner tables across the South/Midwest today, and will only become more common.

Good Christ.

(h/t TBogg, who basically posted the same thing, which saved me the trouble of looking for Matthew's latest fetish piece. So do go read his, as well.)


16 November 2009

Palin's book hits intended target

Red meat for the dead-enders, it seems, if this quote from Ed's review is any indication:

Going Rogue is not without merit. It certainly delivers what its intended audience wants. Readers who already like Palin will love it, much as America’s pedophiles will find the latest Jonas Brothers DVD to their liking

That is one of the most amazing sentences I've ever read. Wait, this sentence may top that:

Millions of copies will be sold of a book written by someone who can’t write, intended for an audience that doesn’t read, about the thoughts of a person who doesn’t think. God is dead.

Heh. There's more to love at the link.


Former Vice President Al Gore burns Carrie Prejean, for LOLs

I love it when Al Gore decides to make a funny.

So there he is, on the Larry King program, and they're talking about the "global warming" that Al's always going on about, and at the end of the segment, Al decides to thank Larry for not being "inappropriate."

That's pretty awesome when Al Gore just cold decides to burn Carrie Prejean, just for shits and giggles.




Okay, so I'm blogging at a new, bigger joint, but it's a more topical place, and I need somewhere to rant about other things besides my Facebook wall, so maybe I'll come back to this thing.


Stay tuned.

Bigger joint is here, by the way.