04 September 2009

Wingnuts will not eat gay ice cream!


Synopsis: To celebrate marriage equality in Vermont, Ben & Jerry's will be changing their "Chubby Hubby" ice cream flavor to "Hubby Hubby," because why not.

And this wingnut lady doesn't want any. And neither does Peter LaBarbera. Peter, of course, is one of America's most unhinged anti-gay activists, spending much of his time filing BS "religious discrimination" lawsuits and taking naughty pictures of gay leathersex (journalism!) while his wife presumably stays home and wishes Peter would have gay leathersex with her, just once in a while, without the hole in the sheet. Anyway, the wingnut lady wants there to be CONSERVATIVE ice creams for her to eat (wingnut crunch?) and Peter has all kinds of other ideas for gay ice creams, most of which are revelatory of the Peter's stunted emotional development and seething self-hatred. (Why, otherwise, would a "Christian" supposedly committed to spreading the love of Christ pepper his columns with juvenile anti-gay slurs?)

And this is all important because of, um, the persecution of Christians, and victimization, and um, wolverines?

So anyway, everybody go eat gay ice cream, because it makes these people crazy.

(h/t Thers)



  1. I'm allergic to eggs and therefore usually make my own ice cream, but this is making me really want some Ben & Jerry's. It is my understanding that "Hubby Hubby" will be labeled that way at their ice cream parlors but not in supermarkets and convenience stores, 'cause they couldn't get the packaging changed in time.

    These people are upset because the world is passing them by, pretty much. Porno Pete's gonna have to get a real job. I don't know what he'd be qualified to do, but I'm sure there are places where he can touch leather all he wants. Perhaps a rodeo/country-western clothing store might want his special expertise.

    (Came via your link at Good-as-You.)

  2. Welcome! I'm still getting this blog started, sort of, so spread the word!

  3. There are "conservative" ice creams for the wingnuts to eat. Just go get some generic vanilla (not that evil "french" vanilla) ice cream in any store. Be sure not to add toppings of any kind because they might taint your mind and cause you to like unnatural things. Just plain old vanilla with nothing to distract you or confuse you into thinking it's something its not; that's what Gawd intended. And if you ever harbor a desire for another flavor then flog yourself for going against God's wishes.

  4. So, what you're saying is that, if they eat vanilla ice cream, yet close their eyes and secretly imagine it's some kind of chocolate chip cookie dough, then they should flog themselves.

    Take notes, LaBarbera. We're creating a new religious system for you.