02 September 2009

Why is Maria Bartiromo so STUPID?

I twatted about this earlier today when it happened, but this video deserves another showing. Today on MSNBC, Maria Bartiromo, one of CNBC's resident "financial experts," was debating Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on healthcare, and Weiner was making the simple point that we already have government-run healthcare in this country, they call it "Medicare," and it's extremely good, and popular. Maria Bartiromo decided to just cold nail Weiner with what she imagined would be the best comeback since "I know you are but why am I on MSNBC talking about money again?", and asked Rep. Weiner, "Well, if you love Medicare so much, then why don't you marry it omg lol?"

No. But she asked why Rep. Weiner wasn't on Medicare, if he, you know, loves it so much omg lol.

Perhaps because the congressman is, um, only 45, and Medicare (big program, been around for years, Maria) is, um, for the olds.

Maria's response: "Yeah, come on."




  1. Bartiromo is driving me crazy. Today on CNBC she said Boom and Bust is a good thing. She seems to always forget about the middle class that was co-opted into buying into the stock market/real estate market and lost so much. She is so clueless about the other 95% of this country. I guess the bells started to go off for me-- with her well-timed interview with Palin in Alaska just before she was tapped for VP by McCain. She said was intelligent and well-read!!

  2. Rule #27. Don't go on TV to argue about healthcare if you don't currently know that Medicare is only available for seniors.