02 September 2009

True Journamalism

I twatted about this last night when it aired. If you missed Rachel Maddow's interview with Tom Ridge last night, you need to see this clip, because this is what the mainstream teevee media COULD look like if it wasn't so fucking lazy/corporate. Maddow, of course, works in the corporate media these days, but those of us who have been following her since long before she graced the halls of MSNBC know that her roots are decidedly outside that world. Note that she goes after him hard, yet respectfully, as she questions Ridge on the decisions made by the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq war. Note also that, though Ridge is obviously struck by the Real Journalism which has just befallen him, he still notes that we would be much better off as a nation if more of the conversations between politicians and media were like that. He wants it to be over, to be sure. But his final assessment is right: if the rest of the reporters who populate our cable news media had 10% of the journalistic integrity and talent of Rachel Maddow, we would be better off indeed.

Brava, Rachel.



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