03 September 2009


I've been watching teabagging town halls for a long time now, so as disgusting as the behavior of illiterate Republicans is, I thought I had developed a sort of immunity to their heartlessness, their bigotry, their ignorance, their general lack of humanity...

But this is sick:

Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ), the man who recently "let it be known" that he'd step in should Gov. Corzine drop out of the New Jersey gubernatorial race, had his hands full at a town hall meeting in Red Bank last week.


A new low for these meetings may have been set when the crowd shouted down a wheelchair-bound woman with "two incurable auto-immune diseases" who had the gall to ask a question.

Watch it, if you haven't seen it yet:

(Crooks and Liars)

Kinda fucking takes the cake, doesn't it?

As I've said before, this is why the GOP no longer deserves a voice in the public discourse.

But god, who the fuck ARE these people, and what is wrong with them?! It's frightening to realize that they live among us.



  1. Stop blaming all Repuiblicans for the actions of some! We are not all crazy and rude, intolerent or ignorant, and certainly not all of us are bigots. Some of us are financially conservative and very social liberal! Your dismissal of any viewpoints other than your own shows your ignorance and intolerance. Wake up! Some people are crazy and crazy has no
    party affiliation!

  2. Hey it's Joe,

    This is a great video, I like it a lot. I feel a lot like this guys and am totally aghast at some of these people and their supreme ignorance. I want to post the link to this video, or the vid itself, on my facebook, where'd you get it?

  3. I'm not blaming "all Republicans." I'm blaming the Republican base and those who speak for the party, like its leaders, Michael Steele, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al.

    It's unfortunate that those, such as you, who are more moderate and not inclined to engaging in conspiracy theory, are having your voices squashed out in the increasingly regional, increasingly extremist GOP of 2009. If you don't like it, I'd suggest that those who share your beliefs start making some damn noise to take your party back.

    Oh, and Joe, the Crooks and Liars link below the video is the source.

  4. Oh, and also, to "anonymous": Note that I tend to direct these sorts of things at "teabagger Americans," "illiterate Republicans," and the like. I acknowledge that it's a subset of the greater GOP, but I fear that it's a larger subset than the moderate voices in the GOP would like to admit.

    40% of the country thinks that Sarah Palin is smart. That's frightening. That's also 85% of the GOP.