02 September 2009


All I want to know about this story about Wackenhut private security contractors in Afghanistan doing vodka shots off each others' assholes and peeing on each other, &c., are the following things:

A. Why?
B. Why are straight men so gay, and not even gay in a normal, "hey, you're hot, let's go back to my room and have sexytime" way, but in a "it's not gay if you're at a party and the rimjob has VODKA IN IT!" way?
C. Why?
D. How does this start? What kind of icebreaker does that involve, to go from Hey, we're dudes, just drinkin' beer, takin' a break, to Hey, idea, let's take off all our clothes and give each other golden showers and stuff!?
E. ?!

Also, read Wonkette's take on this.


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