05 September 2009

Do Americans really believe the Bible is literally true?

Heehee, this video is fun.


It's always sort of fun when you confront believers with the words of their own religious texts that they dutifully ignore, because their moral sense has evolved past that of the writers of those scriptures. Some, like the guy toward the end of the video, will offer up lame explanations of how some Levitical laws weren't meant for modern Christians. (If they're truly convinced of their theological scholarship -- oxymoron? -- they'll use the word "hermeneutics.") They seem to have no issue with the idea that, even if that were the case, those laws were indeed valid back in the day. If those laws are so morally reprehensible (and they are), then why worship a god that would enforce them at ANY time for ANY population? Anyway, I could jump off into the general incoherence of Christianity and religion in general, but we would need a bigger internet.


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  1. I thought that video was really funny, and a good way to show Christians how much of hypocrites they are.

    But the statistic is wrong. I haven't found a percentage anywhere near that on the interent.