03 September 2009

Dispatches from Conservatardia, County Teabag

Conservatives, all wee-weed up about the president talking to kids at school and telling them to do socialist things like "study" and "work hard" and stuff, are encouraging parents to keep their kids home from school next Tuesday. See if you can argue with the logic of one Dana Loesch, Teabagger Extraordinaire:

The focus is on being submissive to government. Anyone with the reading comprehension of a three-toed sloth can deduce this. Yes, we obey our laws and give respect to what our elected officials say but THAT IS A TWO-EAY STREET. Our elected leaders don’t shove legislation down our throats that we, the majority, are against. Our elected leaders don’t threaten to pass things with reconciliation. Jeebus, I could go on.

No, Jeebus, don't. So, first of all, HOW CUTE that she thinks that she is part of the "majority." Adorable! It's almost as if she and her illiterate friends completely missed that little election we had last year, where Obama and the Democrats were given the biggest electoral mandates in DECADES. It's also as if she's unaware that somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 or 80% of the American public supports having a public option in healthcare. It's almost as if Dana lives in an alternate reality which has been, in her parlance, "shoved down her throat."

Or she's just a dumbass.

Oh, also, Dana doesn't seem to be aware that passing this bill through "reconciliation" still involves, um, a vote by the majority. I know that Math Is Hard, but 51 votes out of 100 is (you might want to grab a sheet of paper, Dana) MORE THAN HALF, and thus, a majority.

(h/t Tbogg, who points out that Dana is a homeskooler.)


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