06 September 2009

A couple of things to read on Sunday afternoon

Van Jones has been fired, I mean, he resigned. This will pacify the wingnuts. Really. Surely. I mean, come on, that's all Glenn Beck wanted, right? And it had to do with his ideology, and surely not with the fact that all of Beck's advertisers fled at the behest of a movement led by an organization created by Van Jones, right? RIGHT? Sadly, No! As they say at Sadly, No!

Barack, stop being a pussy, kthx?

As TBogg put it:

The right wing puke funnel never sleeps and liberals never fail to roll over like a puppy and piddle on their bellies.

This piece by Sara Robinson is stellar. She outlines just precisely how we got to this place where wingnuts are unintelligibly manufacturing slobbering, grunting, gun-totin' outrage at Obama's every utterance, and more importantly, how progressives must move to protect America, and indeed, to preserve this democracy.

The best response I've seen to the aforementioned slobbering wingnuts and their outrage du jour, that Obama is speaking to schoolchildren in order to "indoctrinate" them:

"Yes, we are trying to indoctrinate your children, because you adults elected George Bush to be president twice and are obviously so far fucking gone that you can't be salvaged"

Do read that entire piece. No, back up, click it, and read it. The rant is fully fleshed out and cathartic. Want another teaser quote? Here:

I guess school isn't really that important if your ultimate goal is that your offspring be stupid, proud and slaves to unexamined rhetoric like most on the right.

And exhale.

UPDATE: No wait, don't exhale yet. The rant continues, and it's awesome.


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