04 September 2009

Al Franken should be Obama's new "Wingnut Czar"

Because good old Al knows how to handle the wingnuts, he does.

Franken was at the state fair in Minnesota, and a group of people formed around him, some of whom were obviously teabaggers trying to start an impromptu yelling match with the senator. Note how he takes their questions, respectfully, and then summarily disposes of each and every one of their fake arguments. Pay particular attention to the blonde wingnut directly opposite Al. She starts off like she has the upper hand, but once she's confronted with a senator who actually knows his shit, and knows how to talk to these people, she just stands there for the next seven minutes with a look of dumb confusion on her face. It's worth watching all the way through.

(Wonkette and Greg Laden)


1 comment:

  1. LOL...she's like "what are these "things" he is speaking of? What about teh death panels and Nazis?"

    Facts dear. What you're hearing are facts.