02 September 2009

Affirmative Action* (UPDATED)

Every time a conservative tries to "do comedy," it's so uncomfortable.

I would imagine that the only people who would find the following clip funny either:

A. Still laugh at things like armpit farts.
B. Use the word "nigger" in private, then giggle about it, like they got away with something.
C. Both of these, but especially B.

Seriously. And it's not about the ideology...though that's a part of it, certainly. Good humor, in order to BE good humor, has to be based in fact, and since so little of what conservatives believe is rooted in any semblance of fact...

But anyway, conservatives love to bitch about how nobody in Hollywood is a conservative, how none of the phunny guys on teevee are conservatives. Put simply, to give equal time to the wild and crazy guys of the wingnut set would require a serious dose of affirmative action, and conservatives don't believe in that, so fuck 'em.

Also, what a douche. Any bets on how long it's been, if ever, since he's had good sex? No, I mean with a person.


* What, you thought this was going to be a serious post about my beliefs on affirmative action?

UPDATE: Holy crap, I hit post, and immediately stumbled on the next exhibit of the same phenomenon.


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