07 September 2009


Did you hear me?


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06 September 2009

Tough call!

There is a fierce debate* going on over healthcare** in this country. To have a robust public option in healthcare, or to continue bowing down to the overlords of the insurance industry.

So in the interest of fairness, this video examines the arguments, pro and con, for including this public option. It's only fair to look at both sides, obv.

(Greg Laden)


*You could call it that.
**Wait, this shit is about healthcare? I thought it was dumb racists with Stockholm Syndrome...


"Don't Forget Me"

Neko Case is so special. Here's her cover of Harry Nilsson's "Don't Forget Me."


A couple of things to read on Sunday afternoon

Van Jones has been fired, I mean, he resigned. This will pacify the wingnuts. Really. Surely. I mean, come on, that's all Glenn Beck wanted, right? And it had to do with his ideology, and surely not with the fact that all of Beck's advertisers fled at the behest of a movement led by an organization created by Van Jones, right? RIGHT? Sadly, No! As they say at Sadly, No!

Barack, stop being a pussy, kthx?

As TBogg put it:

The right wing puke funnel never sleeps and liberals never fail to roll over like a puppy and piddle on their bellies.

This piece by Sara Robinson is stellar. She outlines just precisely how we got to this place where wingnuts are unintelligibly manufacturing slobbering, grunting, gun-totin' outrage at Obama's every utterance, and more importantly, how progressives must move to protect America, and indeed, to preserve this democracy.

The best response I've seen to the aforementioned slobbering wingnuts and their outrage du jour, that Obama is speaking to schoolchildren in order to "indoctrinate" them:

"Yes, we are trying to indoctrinate your children, because you adults elected George Bush to be president twice and are obviously so far fucking gone that you can't be salvaged"

Do read that entire piece. No, back up, click it, and read it. The rant is fully fleshed out and cathartic. Want another teaser quote? Here:

I guess school isn't really that important if your ultimate goal is that your offspring be stupid, proud and slaves to unexamined rhetoric like most on the right.

And exhale.

UPDATE: No wait, don't exhale yet. The rant continues, and it's awesome.


Van Jones has resigned


For a reasoned account of who Van Jones is, and why this resignation is ridiculous, go here.


05 September 2009

Do Americans really believe the Bible is literally true?

Heehee, this video is fun.


It's always sort of fun when you confront believers with the words of their own religious texts that they dutifully ignore, because their moral sense has evolved past that of the writers of those scriptures. Some, like the guy toward the end of the video, will offer up lame explanations of how some Levitical laws weren't meant for modern Christians. (If they're truly convinced of their theological scholarship -- oxymoron? -- they'll use the word "hermeneutics.") They seem to have no issue with the idea that, even if that were the case, those laws were indeed valid back in the day. If those laws are so morally reprehensible (and they are), then why worship a god that would enforce them at ANY time for ANY population? Anyway, I could jump off into the general incoherence of Christianity and religion in general, but we would need a bigger internet.


"While You Wait For The Others"

Grizzly Bear.



04 September 2009

BREAKING: Actual truth told on news!

Nice little exchange here. According to John Harwood, why are wingnuts protesting Obama speaking to the kiddies?

Because they're stupid!

(Balloon Juice)

Praise all the gods and goddesses, somebody actually told the truth without mincing words. More plz!


Al Franken should be Obama's new "Wingnut Czar"

Because good old Al knows how to handle the wingnuts, he does.

Franken was at the state fair in Minnesota, and a group of people formed around him, some of whom were obviously teabaggers trying to start an impromptu yelling match with the senator. Note how he takes their questions, respectfully, and then summarily disposes of each and every one of their fake arguments. Pay particular attention to the blonde wingnut directly opposite Al. She starts off like she has the upper hand, but once she's confronted with a senator who actually knows his shit, and knows how to talk to these people, she just stands there for the next seven minutes with a look of dumb confusion on her face. It's worth watching all the way through.

(Wonkette and Greg Laden)


Wingnuts will not eat gay ice cream!


Synopsis: To celebrate marriage equality in Vermont, Ben & Jerry's will be changing their "Chubby Hubby" ice cream flavor to "Hubby Hubby," because why not.

And this wingnut lady doesn't want any. And neither does Peter LaBarbera. Peter, of course, is one of America's most unhinged anti-gay activists, spending much of his time filing BS "religious discrimination" lawsuits and taking naughty pictures of gay leathersex (journalism!) while his wife presumably stays home and wishes Peter would have gay leathersex with her, just once in a while, without the hole in the sheet. Anyway, the wingnut lady wants there to be CONSERVATIVE ice creams for her to eat (wingnut crunch?) and Peter has all kinds of other ideas for gay ice creams, most of which are revelatory of the Peter's stunted emotional development and seething self-hatred. (Why, otherwise, would a "Christian" supposedly committed to spreading the love of Christ pepper his columns with juvenile anti-gay slurs?)

And this is all important because of, um, the persecution of Christians, and victimization, and um, wolverines?

So anyway, everybody go eat gay ice cream, because it makes these people crazy.

(h/t Thers)


03 September 2009

A concerned parent writes his school district in reference to Obama's address to schoolchildren

Heed these words:

Dear Dr. Thein,

I am a parent of a child in the Roseville, MN School District. I am very concerned about news reports I've been hearing from elsewhere in Minnesota indicating that there are parents upset about The President of the United States addressing the students in some classrooms next week.

I am primarily concerned with the responses by the school districts to the parents. The responses I've heard have been rather appeasing to these parents. I do not think this is appropriate.

The parents in question are insane.

I adore Greg Laden. As they say on the blogotubes, read the whole damn thing.



I've been watching teabagging town halls for a long time now, so as disgusting as the behavior of illiterate Republicans is, I thought I had developed a sort of immunity to their heartlessness, their bigotry, their ignorance, their general lack of humanity...

But this is sick:

Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ), the man who recently "let it be known" that he'd step in should Gov. Corzine drop out of the New Jersey gubernatorial race, had his hands full at a town hall meeting in Red Bank last week.


A new low for these meetings may have been set when the crowd shouted down a wheelchair-bound woman with "two incurable auto-immune diseases" who had the gall to ask a question.

Watch it, if you haven't seen it yet:

(Crooks and Liars)

Kinda fucking takes the cake, doesn't it?

As I've said before, this is why the GOP no longer deserves a voice in the public discourse.

But god, who the fuck ARE these people, and what is wrong with them?! It's frightening to realize that they live among us.


Dispatches from Conservatardia, County Teabag

Conservatives, all wee-weed up about the president talking to kids at school and telling them to do socialist things like "study" and "work hard" and stuff, are encouraging parents to keep their kids home from school next Tuesday. See if you can argue with the logic of one Dana Loesch, Teabagger Extraordinaire:

The focus is on being submissive to government. Anyone with the reading comprehension of a three-toed sloth can deduce this. Yes, we obey our laws and give respect to what our elected officials say but THAT IS A TWO-EAY STREET. Our elected leaders don’t shove legislation down our throats that we, the majority, are against. Our elected leaders don’t threaten to pass things with reconciliation. Jeebus, I could go on.

No, Jeebus, don't. So, first of all, HOW CUTE that she thinks that she is part of the "majority." Adorable! It's almost as if she and her illiterate friends completely missed that little election we had last year, where Obama and the Democrats were given the biggest electoral mandates in DECADES. It's also as if she's unaware that somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 or 80% of the American public supports having a public option in healthcare. It's almost as if Dana lives in an alternate reality which has been, in her parlance, "shoved down her throat."

Or she's just a dumbass.

Oh, also, Dana doesn't seem to be aware that passing this bill through "reconciliation" still involves, um, a vote by the majority. I know that Math Is Hard, but 51 votes out of 100 is (you might want to grab a sheet of paper, Dana) MORE THAN HALF, and thus, a majority.

(h/t Tbogg, who points out that Dana is a homeskooler.)


The Democratic Party's path forward

This is Van Jones*, Obama's Green Jobs Czar (right-wingers wet their pants at the word "czar," even though George W. Bush had eleventy billion "czars") answering a poignant question from a voter: Why, when the Democrats have larger majorities in the Senate than the GOP ever did, are they having trouble ramming legislation through? His answer is candid, simple, and beautiful.


*On top of being Obama's Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones works a night shift as one of the many boogeymen that haunt Glenn Beck at night and make him cry.


Michael Steele is a soulless puppet from hell.

Consider the following, from Michael Steele's appearance at Howard University today:

When the RNC chair took a written question on health care, he blasted the public option, saying that "every time the government gets involved in something it doesn't work."

Then came Amanda Duzak, and Steele's evening just got a whole lot worse.

Duzak, a 23 year old Towson University grad, stood up, against the rules and out of turn.

"My mother died of cancer 6 months ago because she could only afford three of her six prescription chemotherapy medications," she projected. "There are 50 million people in this country who could end up like my mom, suffering or dying because they do not have adequate health care. Everyone in this room and everyone in this country should have access to good health care."

The room woke up and other than those glaring from the front, the applause was wall to wall. But it's Steele's response that makes this moment both newsworthy and a terrible comment on his character. After saying that he believed in a mature, honest discussion and not in shouting, Steele said, "People are coming to these town meetings and they're like [he then shakes]." He then looked and gestured right at Ms. Duzak and said, "It makes for great TV. You'll probably make it tonight, enjoy it." He then turned his back to her, as the crowd clapped.

Yes, stunned silence is the correct reaction. This is but one glaring example of why the Republican Party is no longer worthy of being spoken to or even looked at about grown-up things like running this goddamned country. And if they don't like that, frankly, they can go to hell.

President Obama, are you paying attention? You're caving on the public option for these mindless fucking creeps?

More recent examples here.


02 September 2009

True Journamalism

I twatted about this last night when it aired. If you missed Rachel Maddow's interview with Tom Ridge last night, you need to see this clip, because this is what the mainstream teevee media COULD look like if it wasn't so fucking lazy/corporate. Maddow, of course, works in the corporate media these days, but those of us who have been following her since long before she graced the halls of MSNBC know that her roots are decidedly outside that world. Note that she goes after him hard, yet respectfully, as she questions Ridge on the decisions made by the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq war. Note also that, though Ridge is obviously struck by the Real Journalism which has just befallen him, he still notes that we would be much better off as a nation if more of the conversations between politicians and media were like that. He wants it to be over, to be sure. But his final assessment is right: if the rest of the reporters who populate our cable news media had 10% of the journalistic integrity and talent of Rachel Maddow, we would be better off indeed.

Brava, Rachel.



Marriage Equality across the pond

It would be nice. Here's an ad running in Ireland to help achieve just that.



All I want to know about this story about Wackenhut private security contractors in Afghanistan doing vodka shots off each others' assholes and peeing on each other, &c., are the following things:

A. Why?
B. Why are straight men so gay, and not even gay in a normal, "hey, you're hot, let's go back to my room and have sexytime" way, but in a "it's not gay if you're at a party and the rimjob has VODKA IN IT!" way?
C. Why?
D. How does this start? What kind of icebreaker does that involve, to go from Hey, we're dudes, just drinkin' beer, takin' a break, to Hey, idea, let's take off all our clothes and give each other golden showers and stuff!?
E. ?!

Also, read Wonkette's take on this.


Why is Maria Bartiromo so STUPID?

I twatted about this earlier today when it happened, but this video deserves another showing. Today on MSNBC, Maria Bartiromo, one of CNBC's resident "financial experts," was debating Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on healthcare, and Weiner was making the simple point that we already have government-run healthcare in this country, they call it "Medicare," and it's extremely good, and popular. Maria Bartiromo decided to just cold nail Weiner with what she imagined would be the best comeback since "I know you are but why am I on MSNBC talking about money again?", and asked Rep. Weiner, "Well, if you love Medicare so much, then why don't you marry it omg lol?"

No. But she asked why Rep. Weiner wasn't on Medicare, if he, you know, loves it so much omg lol.

Perhaps because the congressman is, um, only 45, and Medicare (big program, been around for years, Maria) is, um, for the olds.

Maria's response: "Yeah, come on."



"Bird of the Summer"

Music time. This is Allison Sudol, better known as A Fine Frenzy. She is magic.


Affirmative Action* (UPDATED)

Every time a conservative tries to "do comedy," it's so uncomfortable.

I would imagine that the only people who would find the following clip funny either:

A. Still laugh at things like armpit farts.
B. Use the word "nigger" in private, then giggle about it, like they got away with something.
C. Both of these, but especially B.

Seriously. And it's not about the ideology...though that's a part of it, certainly. Good humor, in order to BE good humor, has to be based in fact, and since so little of what conservatives believe is rooted in any semblance of fact...

But anyway, conservatives love to bitch about how nobody in Hollywood is a conservative, how none of the phunny guys on teevee are conservatives. Put simply, to give equal time to the wild and crazy guys of the wingnut set would require a serious dose of affirmative action, and conservatives don't believe in that, so fuck 'em.

Also, what a douche. Any bets on how long it's been, if ever, since he's had good sex? No, I mean with a person.


* What, you thought this was going to be a serious post about my beliefs on affirmative action?

UPDATE: Holy crap, I hit post, and immediately stumbled on the next exhibit of the same phenomenon.


01 September 2009

Lady GaGa wrote a track for Michael Bolton

WTF, I know...


If you think that's cool, you're really going to love the track Ghostface Killah wrote for Yanni.


Bringin' the Crazy!

Oh, Michele Bachmann, if you ever die like Ted Kennedy, they're going to have to play your memorial on Comedy Central:

DENVER — In a fiery speech that had her conservative Colorado audience cheering, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann railed against the dangers of health care reform and other Democratic initiatives, warning the proposals “have the strength to destroy this country forever.”

“This cannot pass,” the Minnesota Republican told a crowd at a Denver gathering sponsored by the Independence Institute. “What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass.”

“Something is way crazy out there,”Bachmann said in her remarks

No, Michele, crazy was right there, in your little brain, behind your scary eyes!

But there's your GOP in the year 2009, kiddos. Making sure all our citizens have adequate healthcare, like they do in every other wealthy, developed country in the world, is:

A. Going to ruin our country. Michele Bachmann's America just isn't as good as France.
B. A clarion call for conservatives to go full metal emo and just start cold cuttin' themselves!

Please, conservative America, listen to her, she's your only hope.

Seriously, god, what the fuck?