02 July 2009

Your Two Minutes Hate from some wingnut

Actually, she's not just "some wingnut," she's Linda Harvey, a hateful, homophobic, and fundamentally dishonest bigot who heads up an organization called Mission America.  Look her up on Teh Googles and find some of her lovely articles, where she seeks to profit off of vulnerable teenage kids' pain in order to perpetuate her message of demonization and hatred.

So, in this video, she's giving a talk for Americans for Truth, the group run by unhinged bigot (and known leathersex aficionado) Peter LaBarbera.  But this video isn't just of the talk.  No, of course, there is all kinds of scarrrrry music and pictures and names flashing on the screen, of course, pictures of the people you are supposed to be scared of, those you should see as the boogeyman.  It's basically a rundown of Obama, some Democrats, and a bunch of Christian faith leaders who aren't sworn bigots, the ones who take the message of Jesus seriously, unlike Linda and Peter.  

As I said, it's the Two Minutes Hate, except it's six minutes long.  

These people are ridiculous.  It would be comical if there weren't people stupid enough to buy in to their crap.  Both groups, Mission America and Americans for Truth, are just steps away from being dubbed certified hate groups by the SPLC.



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