02 July 2009

This is what "mainstream conservatism" has become.

And if you don't like that characterization, then consider the fact that Glenn Beck has a platform on a top-rated "news" network, and that he's really not any different from Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly, both of whom share the same group of mouthbreathing listeners.

In this clip, which has been all over the internets the past couple of days, wingnut Michael Scheuer openly wishes for a nuclear terrorist attack on American soil, because only that will validate his ideology. First of all, how fucking pathetic, to be so childishly clinging to disproven ideologies that you would be willing to concede the loss of an American city, just to be right. Second of all, notice that Glenn Beck doesn't disagree, but just nods along and adds his own confirmation statement at the end.

Yet these people are supposed to be the "pro-Amurka" crowd, and it's still common practice among their sheeple to openly question the patriotism of liberals. How odd.

These people are sick.

(Sadly, No!)


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