03 July 2009

A story you should read

I'm catching up on one of my favorite blogs, the New York-based "Good-As You (G-A-Y)," run by the tireless Jeremy Hooper, who spends countless hours monitoring the words and actions of those on the anti-gay side who spend their lives to ruining others' lives.

So, as marriage equality really started to blossom over the past year, starting with the California Supreme Court finding that denying gay couples marriage rights is an obvious violation of equal protection (which it still is, regardless of a bunch of uneducated Californians pulling a lever to say otherwise), Jeremy and his longtime partner Andrew decided it was time for them to tie the knot. Then disappointment came, as the destination California wedding they were planning was abruptly put on hold by the aforementioned uneducated Californian lever-pullers. (Of doom.)

Jeremy and Andrew are recently returned from the honeymoon, by the way. They just decided to do it somewhere else. But his tale of the past year is worth reading, for those of us who are gay, of course, but also for those who are straight and seek to understand more and more what gay people go through every day in this country and elsewhere.

This is what the fight is really about.

Oh, and about halfway through, there's a moment where, if you're like me, you'll cry a little bit.

Anyway, it's right here.


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