01 June 2009

You leave the computer for a few days...

And things like this happen:

WICHITA, Kan. – Dr. George Tiller, one of the nation's few providers of late-term abortions despite decades of protests and attacks, was shot and killed Sunday in a church where he was serving as an usher.

The gunman fled, but a 51-year-old suspect was detained some 170 miles away in suburban Kansas City three hours after the shooting, Wichita Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz said.


Long a focus of national anti-abortion groups, including a summer-long protest in 1991, Tiller was shot in the foyer of Reformation Lutheran Church, Stolz said. Tiller's attorney, Dan Monnat, said Tiller's wife, Jeanne, was in the choir at the time.

I'm sorry, but if you think that Dr. Tiller was a bad man in any way, you're just a victim of propaganda.  Tiller was one of those few doctors who were there for women, most of whom did not want to end their pregnancies, but for whatever tragic reason or another, were forced to make that choice.  It took a brave soul to be able to stand by women in that most gutwrenching of times, and to wake up the next morning and go do it again.

Again, if you have any ill opinions of the man, you've simply been fooled by people who think too little of your intellect to tell you the truth.

May he rest in peace.

I guess we can add this to the list of right-wing terrorist attacks that are bound to continue growing over the next few years.  

Update:  More on the right-wing reaction here.  Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, etc. don't get it.  No surprise there.



  1. The death of Dr. Tiller is not something to take lightly. Everyone, whether they are pro-choice or anti-choice, should look upon this day with a great deal of sadness. There was no excuse for taking the life of Tiller. Period.

    I do take issue with your claim that anti-choice people "think too little" of their intellects. As you may or may not know, pro-choice and anti-choice arguments are based upon philosophical principles. Both sides of the debate have solid philosophical foundations. Sure anti-choice evangelicals rarely use reasoned arguments, but the same is true of the pro-choice crowd. Pro-choice trumps people with an ideology not based on philosophy and more often than not, the anti-choice crowd pulls the "god card".

    And it is worth remembering that this debate is ancient, going as far back as ancient Greece. Many a philosopher, atheist or otherwise, have debated this issue and have fallen on the anti-choice side.

    The reason I mention all of this is because I think the rhetoric on both sides is tired. If any discussion is going to occur, it has to be on a common ground. IMHO, reasoned philosophical arguments are that common ground. No appealing to a god and no appealing to a secular ideology simply because the ideology exists.

    You used the trump card with your post. You didn’t say why pro-choice is the correct position, you just declared it to be so and then seasoned your fiat with ad hominem attacks. We both know that you’re smart as hell. I just wish you would show it a bit more often here.


    P.S. Forgive the grammar.

  2. Actually, I do believe that anti-choice lobbyists/leaders think very little of the intellect of most of those who follow them.

    And the purpose of the post wasn't to argue for the pro-choice position, it was to comment on the murder of Dr. Tiller.

  3. I was blindsided by it after some internet down time, too. I'd actually started to think of the murder of doctors as part of the past. (Which is roughly as useful a mindset as thinking of racism as a thing of the past, but it's easy to slip into it.)

    As for Sarah Palin and her ilk, I find it sickening that they think the proper response to murder is to go into CYA mode. Ugh.