02 June 2009

Wingnuts Invading My Hometown Burger Kings!

0a03/1243651161-img_0153.jpgWhat the hell.

This from my wonderful hometown alternative news weekly, The Memphis Flyer:

Businesses usually don't court political controversy, but signs at (at least) two Memphis Burger King locations read: "Global Warming is Baloney." According to one employee at the Burger King on Union Avenue and Pauline, that's no mistake.

Uhm.  Hm.  So, the Union store is where I would go, when I would go to Burger King, which was rare, especially after they started using King Pedophile as their mascot.  Because he's creepy.  It's about principles, people.  Do click the above link for the conversation between Davis (the reporter) and "You Don't Know Me!" (the BK lady).  (That might not be her name, I'm just guessing.)

So, apparently it's not a corporate decision, as the reporter found out upon further investigation:

Since the original posting, readers have noticed other area BKs that are comparing global warming to the popular lunch meat commonly made from organs, trimmings, and scraps from other meat processing. The stores in question are all operated by a Memphis-based fast-food management company called MIC, which operates over 40 BKs as well as three Popeye's and five All-in-One's. Bob Cook, MIC's president of retail operations, was contacted for comment but hasn't called back.

Long story short: Burger King Corp. has no official point of view regarding global warming and climate science, but somebody connected to MIC, a large local franchisee, thinks it's all baloney and wants to say so in a very public way. 

Yeah, so it's just some Memphis wingnut franchiser (or a wingnut franchiser from somewhere thereabouts) who probably should stick to making subpar fast food, since that's the only thing he's halfway good at.

Anyway.  Gross, Memphis.  Fix it.


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