17 June 2009

The utter fraud of so-called "crisis pregnancy centers"

The extreme forced childbirth movement in this country likes to tout their supposed support for pregnant women, mostly through their creation of so-called "crisis pregnancy centers," where women can go to learn about their options. Uh huh:

So-called crisis pregnancy centers lure women into their facilities with
promises of free pregnancy tests and options counseling. But once inside, most
provide women with false or misleading information about abortion, birth
control, and sexually transmitted diseases. The real zinger is many of these
CPCs receive our federal tax dollars to carry out their deception.


First, they asked me what I was going to do if I was pregnant. I replied,
"I don't know." They said their facility does not recommend or perform pregnancy
terminations. Quite suddenly I became keenly aware of a distinct pressure being
placed on me by both women. It felt like a two-on-one tag team and I was their
prey. The Director kept saying I was at the right place because other clinics do
not provide the same "facts" that they do about abortion. Calling me "sweetie,"
she told me again and again how abortion just complicates matters for women.
Abortion causes women psychological harm, she said. Abortion, she claimed
vehemently, would not be the right choice for me.

As bloggers say, read the whole thing. It just gets worse from there. Note that these places are staffed, not by health professionals, but by volunteers.

Pretty f'ed up, if you ask me.


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