19 June 2009


Want to know how disgusting the current Republican party is?  Here you go, read this slowly:

Yesterday, a Republican Senator used his power to put a "hold" on a Senate Resolution originally introduced by U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) condemning violence against women's health providers, thereby blocking any vote on the resolution.  Senators have the power to do this anonymously and with no explanation.  This way, Republicans can get away with sorrowful expressions to the media on violence, but don't have to be put to the test of actually voting to denounce the violence against either Dr. Tiller or clinic workers generally.  

My use of the male pronoun here is deliberate: The odds are overwhelming it is a male Republican Senator, as Senator Snowe is a co-sponsor, and that leaves only three female Republicans, Murkowski, Hutchinson, and Collins.

The resolution, written and intended to be non-controversial, condemned the use of violence against providers of women's health care services.  This condemnation of violence is apparently too much for some Republicans to bear.

OF COURSE it was a male Republican senator!  It's hard to find a self-respecting woman who would take a position like that, and though I have my issues with them, Snowe, Murkowski, Hutchinson, and Collins seem to be self-respecting women.  (A majority are also pro-choice, to my knowledge.)  So here we have some douchebag retard Republican MAN, the woman-hating power of the patriarchy inbred into him, anonymously (what a pathetic wimp) putting a hold on a bill to condemn the murder of ACTUAL people, for the sake of ideology.  I just wonder who...good candidates would be Sam Brownback, Jim DeMint...Oh, I don't have time to make a list of the all the GOP senators.  I doubt it's either of the Tennessee guys, but...from there, it could be anybody.

Totally fucking gross.

Read the whole thing, as we bloggers say.  



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