14 June 2009

This is apparently what happens when Iranian elections are stolen

Wow.  Just wow.  This video showing scenes of demonstrations and riots in the wake of the obvious rigging of the Iranian election is truly stunning.  From a couple of Iranian friends of mine, as well as alternative media and Iranian journalists, I've gathered that reform in Iran truly has to come from the inside.  These pictures should be a wake up call to Americans (hell, all Westerners) that Iran isn't a simple black-and-white issue.  That being said, I tend to agree with Brad at Sadly, No!, that the Obama administration has quite a conundrum on its hands, in that they really can't recognize this election as valid, and their original plans of engagement with the regime may not be as wise as they were several months ago.  

That being said, for those out there who think of everything in terms of simple black-and-white (as the Bush administration taught them to do), that this doesn't mean that we should instead start another war of choice with them.  That would be, you know, totally effing stupid.



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