20 June 2009

Things that are irrelevant

This is absolutely absurd.  In this clip, Major Garrett of Fox "News" and some other woman feel it's important to ask Robert Gibbs why the Obamas haven't picked a family church yet, and also, in the absence of a church, are they bringing in a minister to, you know, minister to them, etc.

Um, what is this, Saudi Arabia?  It is absolutely irrelevant whether the Obamas are going to church or not, where they're going if they are, why they're not if they're not, or whether or not they're having a clergy member come in to teach them about Jesus.  Absolutely irrelevant.  And it's kind of sick and un-American at its core that this is being asked in a White House press briefing at any time, but especially when the country has actual, grown-up issues to deal with.

I'll refer you to that little document you might have heard of, The US Constitution:

...[N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

There you have it.



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