20 June 2009

Ron Paul, once again, is too stupid for words and sucks at life

Hey, so Congress was bored, and everybody with a heart is rooting for those Iranians who are taking to the streets demanding freedom, &c., everybody that is, except Doctor Ron Paul, apparently, because he was the ONLY Congressperson to vote against this very benign House resolution:

“Expressing support for all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and rule of law, and for other purposes.”

Yeah.  Dingus voted against it.  He does this, though, frequently, because, again, he sucks at life.  God, there were a lot of commas in that last sentence.  

Wonkette put it well:

Hey Doktor Senile Fucktard, where exactly in your pocket Constitution does it say the United States can’t give cost-free moral support to democratic movements? You know, because the motherfucking FOUNDERS sure supported nascent democratic movements. Idiot.

That's all that needs to be said about that.



  1. He explained exactly why in his statement. He asked why we haven't condemned Saudi Arabia, Egypt or any of our "allies" who practice the same oppressive tactics.

    He simply recognized the resolution for what it was: selective political posturing with no real merit at all.

  2. The problem though is that Ron Paul has done this multiple times. He always opposes things that every other member of Congress supports, because they're such effing no-brainers, and he uses it to make some stupid political point. Last may, Congress passed a resolution telling China to knock its shit off with Tibet, and he was the only one to vote against it. Then a couple of weeks later, Congress almost unanimously passed another no-brainer bill, to prohibit insurance companies from using peoples' genetic information, as that sort of testing becomes more commonplace, to jack up their health insurance rates, etc. One moron voted against it, and his name was Dr. Ron Paul.

    So this is part of a larger pattern.