03 June 2009

The radical Israeli Zionists who just might pose the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East

This is a rather stunning report and video from Max Blumenthal about the radical Israeli settlers, who, driven by their (incorrect) idea that the land was given to them by God and closely aligned with the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, stand in stark contrast to the sentiments of most Israelis.  They also find themselves diametrically opposed to the Obama administration's vision of a resolution to the conflict which would give both sides a place to live in peace.  Consider:

Kiryat Arba founder Noam Arnon is the recipient of the 2009 Moskowitz Prize, an honor that included $50,000 in cash. After receiving his prize before a cheering crowd of two thousand settlers, Arnon complained to me, "We think that somehow the Arabs have taken over the international media and the international mood, and they convinced the world to believe that there is a Palestinian people and these people deserve to have a Palestinian state -- which is totally untrue."

Wow.  Alarming eliminationist rhetoric, that.  It would seem that denying the simple existence of a Palestinian people would be tantamount to, oh, I don't know, denying the Holocaust or something.  But that's what these people believe.  The kids in the video are even more disturbing.  Watch the video, then read the whole article.


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