28 June 2009

Oh look, it's wingnuts, bitching and moaning about something

The very short version:

Apparently the teabaggers are going to teabag each other and President Obama again, due to soshulism, which none of them can spell.

Some mall in the hinterlands outside Atlanta said, "um, no, you cannot have your little thingie here, sorry."  Said mall doesn't allow ANY kind of political demonstrating, and neither do any of the other malls run by Simon.

Wingnuts are crying, bitching, moaning, lying, grunting "CENSORSHIP!", led by their handlers at WorldNetDaily.

Because, with wingnuts:

1.  Everything has to be about them, even when it's not.

2.  They think they're above the law, because they fancy themselves "real 'Murkans."

3.  They're stupid.


(h/t ACG)


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