19 June 2009

Obama signs order giving benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees, vows to repeal DOMA (UPDATED)

Obama's actions regarding the gay community have been so schizophrenic lately, but this is a good sign.  Here he is signing the order to give benefits to same-sex spouses of federal employees.  He points out that, under DOMA, they can't give spouses all benefits afforded to "opposite marriage" couples, and so it is indeed heartening that he reaffirms his commitment to the repeal of DOMA.  So, thank goodness for that.

UPDATE:  Or maybe it's not so heartening.  Or maybe it is.  I just can't decide.  Do something concrete, Barry, plz.   John Aravosis has a couple of suggestions, and a lot more information at the above link.


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  1. now it's hard for a str8 man to people so many gays ;)