03 June 2009

Number Six

Congratulations, New Hampshire, for becoming the sixth state to offer equal marriage rights to its citizens:

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire's governor has signed legislation making the state the sixth to allow gay marriage.

Gov. John Lynch was Surrounded by cheering supporters of the move as he signed the three bills about an hour after the key vote on the legislation in the House.

The law will take effect in January, exactly two years after the state legalized civil unions. New Hampshire joins Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and Iowa in recognizing same-sex marriages, though opponents hope to overturn Maine's law with a public vote.

So very cool.  Kinda makes California look bad.  Oh well, they'll get all that sorted out, likely sooner rather than later.

(h/t Box Turtle Bulletin, which also provides a handy map and post showing the current state of marriage/marriage-like protections for gays and lesbians nationwide)


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