09 June 2009


I thought my last post was the funniest video ever, but this one just beat it.  These are the "Young Cons," I think, and they are white rapping hippity-hoppity guys, who are also conservatives, and they use their "hippity-hoppity skillzzzz" to tea-bag each other.  STOP LAUGHING you guys, these boys (or, as they would no doubt say, BO-IIIIIEEEEEEZZ!, worked HARD on this!

(Sadly, No!)

They're like the act at the kids' talent show that everybody wants to make fun of, openly, but like, their grandparents are right there, and you don't want to appear soulless.

UPDATE:  Seriously, oh my god, what is going on in that video?  It would seem to me like trying out the white-guy rapping hippity-hoppity fly thing when there's an actual black president, one who is known for being notoriously calm and collected, is just phenomenally poor timing.  Did Michael Steele commission this?  Are these his peeps from the neighborhood?  


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