02 June 2009

More on the Tiller murder

Read this piece about why, statements of condemnation notwithstanding, the murder of George Tiller is very much a direct result of the actions of the mainstream pro-life movement.  

Which is unfortunate.  I believe that most of the people who call themselves "pro-life" have not a clue what the political arm that claims to represent their beliefs is really up to, and I believe most of them are very well meaning.

But when you casually accuse over half of the population of supporting/participating in "murder," "genocide," or even a "holocaust," you're bound to end up with some dead bodies.  Real ones.

This passage near the end of the article kind of sums it up:

While individuals who self-identify as pro-life may be well-meaning and against violence, mainstream pro-life groups and the people who run them do not care about lifebefore or after birth. And while today anti-choice groups are half-heartedly condemning Tiller's murder, they continue to use the same outlandish and inflammatory rhetoric that inspired and enabled it.

Words mean things. Anti-choicers should certainly have every right to express their views, but they must also realize that actions have consequences and their rhetoric is not harmless. If you yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater, it's reasonably foreseeable that people will panic and someone will be injured. And if you yell "Murderer!" "Baby-Killer!" and "Holocaust!" long enough, it's reasonably foreseeable that someone will take it upon themselves to make sure that vigilante justice is done (especially if you provide the name and address of the person who you claim is committing "genocide").


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