13 June 2009

Israel may have its wingnuts, but it also has really nice, normal, rational, non-wingnuts too!

The other day I posted a video of drunk Israeli wingnuts being all racist and Zionist, hateful and bigoted, from the Youtubes, noting that Israeli wingnuts sound a hell of a lot like American wingnuts.

So, this is a nice counterpoint, from the same team of filmmakers.  Here they interview Israelis gathering to protest their own nation's prolonged occupation of Palestinian lands, Israelis who actually respect human rights and view the Palestinians as human beings, unlike their wingnut counterparts.  Luckily, from most of the polling I've seen, these rational people outnumber those on the hateful extreme Right in Israel.  

Do note the title of the video, which is a direct quote from the clip:


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