20 June 2009

"If you don't believe in government, stand down. And let someone, who does, govern."

That's a powerful quote from a California citizen in this two part special from Al Jazeera on the California budget crisis, and the absurd way a group of right-wing extremist legislators are using California's screwed up laws to stall all hopes of a real solution for California's citizens.  Instead of making things better, they'd rather cut essential programs that California's poor, working poor, AND middle class rely on, leaving them to rot for the sake of their free market fundamentalist, anti-government, anti-tax, anti-rational thought ideology.  It's a little over 20 minutes long, but the entire thing is well worth watching.  Watch, particularly, the radio hosts who foment hatred as they scapegoat immigrants for the crisis, rather than the idiot overlords who actually created it.  Just another example of the right-wing victim mentality:  "Damn the poor and the children, always sticking it to the rich!"  Like, that's an actual distillation of their liberatarian philosophy.  It's pathetic.


(By the way, there's some of the usual fantastic Digby commentary at that above link, so go ahead and click it.)


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