08 June 2009

How stupid does the average Republican "leader" expect YOU to be?


In fact, they can't win elections without your willing stupidity.  

Case in point:  a little screed written by failed failure Rick Santorum (R-Failureistan) on Politico, about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor:

Why does she have such a high reversal rate by the Supreme Court? Are there other decisions like the infamous New Haven firefighters discrimination case that would disqualify her?

Her out-of-court statements about her judicial philosophy have been rightfully making news, including her claim that the appeals court is “where policy is made.”

Or her statement that “a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Uh huh.  Haven't we been through this?  Let's wade through one more time, lie by lie.

First paragraph:  Sotomayor's reversal rate is actually fairly low (60%) compared to the rate of reversal for the Supreme Court (70%, which is, for Rick Santorum-level readers, GREATER than 60%).  Also, it's useful to remember that Sotomayor has adjudicated over 3,000 cases, and she's been overturned three times.  Looked at that way, that's a VERY low reversal rate!  So, that takes care of that lie.  Is Rick Santorum stupid, or a liar, or both?

Second paragraph:  The idea that the appeals court level is where policy is made is not controversial, except to those with NO knowledge of the judicial system, who are being whipped up into a frothy lather by their demagogues and hacks on the Right, who absolutely know there's nothing controversial about the idea that policy is made at the appeals court level.  Let's see what legal experts say about this:

But for legal experts, there is nothing actually controversial to what Sotomayor said. Her political crime, if there were one in this case, was speaking the truth.

"She's not wrong," said Jeffrey Segal, a professor of law at Stony Brook University. "Of course they make policy... You can, on one hand, say Congress makes the law and the court interprets it. But on the other hand the law is not always clear. And in clarifying those laws, the courts make policy."

As Segal noted, one of the most recent cases heard by the Supreme Court -- itself a court of appeals -- involves the strip search of a 13-year-old who school officials believed was carrying ibuprofen. "There is no clear knowing statement whether officials can be sued for that sort of behavior," he noted. "So when justices come up with a decision on that, they would be making policy."

Eric Freedman, a law professor at Hofstra University, was equally dismissive of this emerging conservative talking point. "She was saying something which is the absolute judicial equivalent of saying the sun rises each morning. It is not a controversial proposition at all that the overwhelming quantity of law making work in the federal system is done by the court of appeals... It is thoroughly uncontroversial to anyone other than a determined demagogue."

Right.  A "determined demagogue" like Rick Santorum, who is also a failure, and a hack.

Third paragraph:  Oh read the damned quote for yourself, instead of letting your overlords tell you what to think, for once in your life.

Moral of story:  Rick Santorum, being a demagogue, and a hack, and a liar, and also a failure, expects you to be absolutely uninformed, stupid, and gullible, in order that his words might have meaning.  Because if you were to read things for yourself, if you were to be literate, the brand of Republicanism espoused by Rick Santorum et al. would simply disappear.  

(h/t TBogg, who focuses on a different aspect of the latest santorum from Santorum)


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