27 June 2009

Glenn Beck plays with Barbies on national teevee, due to the ACORNs


I have no idea what this is about, and neither does Gawker, because we're apparently not hip enough to get how a crazed crying Mormon playing with Barbies (Ken's pants, incidentally, are down in the back) relates to ACORN.  We are too full of San Francisco Valyews, and also Islam, obviously, Islamic San Francisco Valyews, to understand how Glenn Beck playing with dolls, putting them in their sports car and stuff and cramming them around in their big Barbie house and all that, relates to an organization that registers people to vote, and is also, you know, the Boogeyman.


I love how Bill O'Reilly just sits there and watches all this like it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Go ahead and click the Gawker link, because Glenn Beck played even more Barbie Dolls that night, with an even bigger dream house and everything, because omg so exciting, and probably his wife won't let him play Barbies at home.  Won't somebody please get Glenn Beck the Barbie Camper he's prattling on about, because maybe Glenn's wife is going out of town, and Barbie and Ken need to go va-cay-cay toooooooooo!


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