11 June 2009

Erick the Red State is just hopeless (UPDATED)

From his Twitter:

Holocaust shooter, like left wing bloggers, hates Bush, Israel, the war, Christians, capitalism. The list goes on and on. 

Yeah, I haven't figured how to screen cap on this temporary computer, but anyway...

Is Erick really so stupid as to think that these characteristics make the very, very right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic Holocaust museum shooter...a liberal?  Look, rightie bloggers:  I know you're all fat off the milk of Jonah Goldberg's strange fantasy of Liberal Fascism, but give me a break!

Hint:  The more you make comments like this, in the wake of yet another right-wing terrorist incident, the dumber you look to the smarter-than-you public (the other 75% of the population).  Even Fox News gets that this was the work of a bona fide right-wing extremist.  Playing juvenile games of "I know you are, but what am I?" just digs your little hole of right-wing irrelevance deeper and deeper.  

But then again, this is expected behavior from the chairborne leader of an online "Strike Force" (replete with a Tuff Guy coat-of-arms wannabe kinda thing).

Wolverines!!!11!, &c.

UPDATE:  Oh, god.  Erick the RedTard isn't just hopeless, he's lost his mind.  Today was the day that Erick Erickson, as Sadly, No! explains quite thoroughly (and mockingly), completely went apeshit.  He was teetering on the edge of insanity before, but, as Sadly, No! also explains, Erick's unbridled groans of "Raa!  Raa-Raaa!" have now reached a fever pitch that, well...I worry for his stuffed animals' safety (and restored virginity), that's all. 


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