17 June 2009

"Curtain Call"/"Maybe California"

Nightly music (okay, semi-nightly) is a live version of "Curtain Call" from Tori Amos's new record, and as a bonus, the visualette for the song "Maybe California."  Listen hard to the lyrics of both. 

I put these up because for the first time in my life, I didn't buy a Tori record the day it came out, due to Teh Poorness, and also because I'm doing a bit of picking my life back up where I left off.  Also, I've been busy.  So I finally picked it up today, and I'm about to go back to my room and stick in the headphones and listen while I drift off to sleep.  So here you go.  Tori is my favorite.

The visualettes are labeled "embedding disabled by request," because record companies remain stupid and do not understand the concept of blogs, which advertise their music for fucking free, and through the most powerful advertising medium that exists, which is word of mouth between people who respect each others' tastes...I could go on and on about how dumb record companies really are.  But here, click on the link and watch, because it's worth it.


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