21 June 2009

Crappy chain restaurants dying in the recession, haw haw

Okay, I'm just loving this post from Amanda Marcotte, about how the recession is hitting awful, shitty chains, like TGI Friday's and The Olive Garden, especially hard.  Key quote:

The question is: Why have things turned so badly for the ubiquitous, tasteless chain [Friday's]?  And can we find a way to do it to Olive Garden? 

Heh.  Read it all.  As a person who issues automatic disclaimers anytime I find myself embarrassed that I like something from a chain restaurant, this is a side effect of the recession that's just not making me sad.  

Related:  Oh, how ready I am to be back in a city where the locally-owned restaurants, of ALL flavors, spoil you to death.  Just a couple of months...


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