12 June 2009

Another one bites the dust

Guess what kind of person is being discussed in this quote:

Mr. Berlin used the screen name "alan_panda_bear" in his messages. He also used
that name for an online personal ad that depicts cartoonish panda bears, one
wearing a diaper."I'm a Daddyfur and Caretaker and I am looking for a babyfur to be my mate and my companion in a long-term committed relationship," the ad says. "I am a hopeless romantic and very affectionate, freely giving hugs, scritches,
cuddles and kisses."According to the ad, he wanted someone 20 to 25, who has a
car and would call him Daddy.

Uh huh. And this one:

...According to the criminal complaint, Mr. Berlin proposed traveling to the
boy's home in Harrisburg, about 20 miles from Carlisle, and having sex in the
backyard and in a shed on his parents' property. He also allegedly offered to
arrange a meeting in a hotel room so Mr. Berlin could take photos of the boy and
another adult having sex.

Mmhmm, and then finally this one:

Investigators believe Mr. Berlin and the boy met on an Internet site for
"furries," an online community of people who adopt half-animal, half-human

If you guessed that we're talking about your typical GOP staffer or lawmaker, you'd be right! Go read the whole thing for yourself, which is on one hand funny, but seriously fucked up. Lots of details there about Mr. Berlin's boss, one Jane Orie, who is naturally a far right, homophobic extremist legislator.

We are so surprised.

Go Republican Party!

(h/t Watertiger)



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