13 June 2009

Actual conversation I had this morning, very early

We had a yard sale today, and the typical early yard sale crowd is an interesting slice of humanity.  So this guy walks up to where I'm standing, behind a table littered with assorted books and board games.  It went like this:

He:  I like games!

Me:  Glad to hear it, good morning!

He:  (Pointing at Trivial Pursuit SNL edition)  I haven't played this one before.  (Starts pointing at specific pictures on the top of the game)  Tina Fey...Will Ferrell...(etc.  points out every one he recognizes, with the notable exception of Gilda Radner, who he didn't recognize)

Still He:  They should make a rasslin' version!

Me:  Really...?

He:  You know, I'm a Christian 'rassler.

(At this point, my mouth is kind of open, and I'm trying to keep my face muscles from moving, lest I absolutely lose it laughing.  Bear in mind, it's 7:30 AM and I haven't had much coffee yet.)

He again:  When I'm not 'rasslin' (for Jesus, naturally), I like to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter!

Me, deadpan:  So I guess if they came out with a Trivial Pursuit game that combined Christian wrestling and Dog the Bounty Hunter, you'd be set.

(At which point, my best friend, next to me, is very obviously trying to keep her composure and refusing to make eye contact with me.)

He:  That'd be great!

Uh huh.  As I said, interesting slices of humanity, at the yard sale, at 7:30 AM.


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