25 May 2009

Unclear on the concept

Look, I came from the "Christian world," and I'm quite aware that there's a Jesus-ified version of every product imaginable (including, they would say, "music"), but, um, cross-shaped suckers?  Really?

Because, um, not to spoil the Sunday School party or anything, but, um, that's an execution device.  A sweet, melts-in-your-mouth execution device that was, incidentally, according to the lore, used to kill God's son, and not some bastard kid either, but the one who was so close that he was also his father.  Put another way, if all of that had gone down this year, rather than 30 whatever A.D., it would be the equivalent of giving the little children sweet, miniature electric chairs or syringes to suck on.  And medieval French kids would be sucking tiny guillotines, which would cut their faces off.

Nom nom, kiddos!

Full product description here.

(h/t, in a roundabout way, Jenny, who you should be reading anyway, so clicky.)


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